Personal preferences and interest of the client is our first priority. We apply current and unique design approach to achieve all of client’s need. The designed habitat shall have the best consideration for lighting, air condition, cross ventilation, comfortable moving space & circulation.

Interior design arrangements are not only being functional but also providing design character. In short, our design is a balance between art and science.

Art & Science

The beauty of architecture lies in the balance of designing an artwork while implementing the science of building construction. The “artwork” has to be a functional. We do planning, designing forms, space and ambience.

Humanity & Technology

We resolve conflicting requirements to fulfill design goals.To achieve the goals, it requires the creative coordination of materials and technology, and of light and shadows.

Space & Human Behavior

Humans are active explorers and learners as long as the are sufficiently motivated. However, anxiety, boredom, and stress in general affect creativity. Well designed spaces can inspire people. The space shall either stimulate the brain or calms the nerves, and surely influence the mood of its users.



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