in Kemurnian Old China Town


The three houses has been a home of 3 families for 3 generations now. The mothers are sisters, they’re on their 60’s, and the used to live next each other for as long as they could remember. Their children now decide to re-build the houses. They want to maintain the classic peranakan style of the houses, conceptually keeping the sweet childhood memories, and literally keeping the old tweakwood furnitures, teakwood stair steps.


Each house has an unusual shape, with the 3.7 m length and 35 m depth. The very narrow building mass is unique, and it is a challenge indeed to make every room gets natural light and good air ventilation.


We designed an opening, a rooftop skylight in the middle of the building mass to bring in natural light and enable cross ventilation. Workshop and service areas are placed at level 1, while living and bedrooms at level 2 and 3. A dumb waiter is constructed to move around food and laundry easily from floor to floor. Old teakwood furnitures are re-finished, combined with new furnish. The teakwood steps from the old house is re-used and paired with granite tiles for the new stairs.