IZI CLINIC for Women & Children


The idea of building the clinic came from the founder, doctor Suananda Yhossie. Having children and having hard times during pregnancy has made her aware of the special needs of women and children. Once, she even had to wait for her gynaecologist until 1 AM in the morning, just to get a regular monthly checkup on her pregnancy.


The clinic has to meet the needs of a comfortable clinic, for women and children only. So they don’t have to go to a public hospital or other public clinic just to get a regular check up, simple medications or other common health treatments.


We designed a clinic that doesn’t look like a formal clinic, but a cozy home which adopt the tropical modern architecture concept. Nonetheless, it has prominent facilities like pediatric and gynaecologist practise, dentist, pharmacy, lab, and most important, a playing area for children. Healthy kids playing area is separated from the unhealthy ones. A multifunction space inside the 500m2 clinic can be used as a yoga studio, holding seminars or other health-related events.