Marketing collateral is used to communicate important information to public / partners about a company’s products or services. Effective consumer-oriented collateral has an emotional appeal. Richly-rewarding user experience gained from buying the product or service.


KOPITIAM (10 outlets in Jakarta, 2 outlets outside Jakarta & counting) – Arnas (The Honey Lady Tower) – IZI Clinic Women & Children – MPM Pharmacies – Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic – Perkasa Teknik – Fonzu (BNI 46) – Katsura (Plasa Senayan) – Red Suki (5 outlets in Bekasi & counting) – Pines Resto – Pan-O Pancakes – RJM CBU Centre – Bogor CCTV – Ziva Villa (Seminyak) – Kampoeng Villa (Kerobokan) – Wanjoo Photography – Indrayani Dewi & Partners

Format Evolutions

The formats now can be vary from printing materials (business card, brochures, company profiles, folders, etc), digital media (websites, social media campaigns, etc), to electronic displays like LED screens. How a brand presents itself by way of its collaterals has to be consistent in all of the media used. How you communicate with your customer has to be a balance of information, promotional content, and entertainment.

Agile Brand Communication

Concept, copywritings and visual design have to be simple, clear and align with the brand values. It has to be adaptive to world changes while being consistent with the core principles of the brand.


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