Sausalito Hero



Located in a suburb Harapan Indah, the cafe is built next to a humble housing estate that was already there since the 90’s. Sausalito caters the needs of inspiring places for hangout with friends and families. The interior & exterior design of the cafe is crafted carefully to accommodate the branding experience for customers.


In this era, people are craving for places that will look good on their Instagram, Facebook or other social media account. We need to deliver unique ambiances in each room, to create a different mood and cater different kind of Customers. Most important, to ensure that customers are willing to go back to explore more.


The cafe is divided into 4 (four) zones:

  1. The front bar area, where the coffee and other beverages are prepared by the barista,
  2. The “warehouse” which is a mini theatre. It held live music, movie nights on weekends, or private parties/gatherings for about 20 people,
  3. The second floor which is more quite, as it is designed to accomModate informal meetings and as an alternate working space
  4. The outdoor deck on the second floor is crafted for al fresco dining and smoking area. The concrete deck is a new extension of the second floor. It is designed with glass blocks row on the concrete slab to allow natural lighting at the warehouse area.